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Color-accurate remote proofing is finally affordable and simple. Introducing Veroproof, an inexpensive (complete system under $1,000), patented proofing system with unique features that make it perfectly suited for remote proofing. Prior systems were expensive to install and lacked an integrated quality indicator and a robust communications network – all issues that Veroproof solves.

The FREE Veroproof RIP works with Epson R2880, HP B9180 and B8850, 13” x 19” inkjet printers, which all have street prices under $600.

By matching Veroproof’s preprinted color bar to the proof’s color bar, both the designer and printer are assured that they are viewing the same accurate color and meeting GRACoL or SWOP standards. This eliminates shipping from the proofing process and makes Veroproof a “green” choice.

In these difficult economic times, the savings in time and money really count. The entire Veroproof solution (assuming new hardware) costs under $1,000, requires no specialized color expertise or equipment, and takes under an hour to set up. For those with existing hardware the solution is free (users need to purchase ink and Veroproof paper). Proofs can be “pushed” to any remote proofing site using only a web browser, further reducing time and cost.

How It Works

Veroproof’s patented system uses a two-step color bar process. The first color bar comes preprinted on Veroproof contract proofing paper. When you print your design, the Veroproof processor inserts a second color bar adjacent to the preprinted bar. With just a quick visual comparison, you can tell if you have a good proof and have confidence in the color.

The Veroproof processor acts as a command center for color-managed output, using industry-standard ICC color profiles. The system leverages unique calibration technology, enabling you to print color-accurate proofs using a number of inexpensive inkjet printers.

To print your color proof, simply send a PDF of your design file to the Veroproof processor. This will RIP your file for output to your printer. You also have the ability to easily and securely send proofs to other Veroproof users for printing at their location, making Veroproof a complete turnkey remote proofing system.

The Veroproof System

  • Is the most cost-effective, all-in-one remote proofing system available
  • Handles color management, using ICC profiles, without requiring additional software or calibration tools
  • Eliminates the need for regular calibration and maintenance associated with more expensive proofing systems
  • Meets SWOP and GRACoL industry standards
  • Includes free software and a robust store and forward communication network for guaranteed file transmission

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