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Issued Patents

Preflight for Purpose - US Patent # 6,801,333 This patent relates to comparing the characteristics of a submitted production file, usually a PDF, to the requirements of the production process for which it has been submitted. It includes basic fitness for print, along with checking for optimal characteristics for quality reproduction. It is used in the magSend, CQ Print, and WorkStream workflows.

Quickfit - US Patent # 6,839,149 & #7,298,516 This patented process greatly simplifies the collection of production specifications, and modification of submitted production files, such as a PDF by providing for the use of a proxy image of PDF to be displayed and manipulated in the client's browser. By doing this users can quickly modify, enhance, and even reversion their production files, without having to leave our web-to-print workflow. This technology saves time, improves accuracy, and reduces cost, and can be found in magSend, CQ Print, and Improv.

VeroProof - US Patent # 6,721,068 This patented system provides for a visual color quality indicator on proofs generated on inexpensive inkjet printers. Basically, there are two adjacent color bars on a finished Veroproof. One of the color bars is pre-printed on the proofing paper at the time of manufacture, and is know to be color accurate. The second color bar is printed when the proof is imaged on the inkjet printer. If the two color bars match, then the proof is correct. So while the color science behind the product is rather complex, color management for the users is as simple as checking to see if the color bars match.

Patents Pending (partial listing)

Data Connectors - this refers to a library of field mapping instructions that allow users to easily import and normalize list data. It is especially useful for direct mail list management and can be found in Quickmail.

Multi-level Document Editing Security - this feature is built into Improv as a fundamental part of its core framework. It allows for different classes of users, such as administrators, editors, and users to be allowed or restricted to making changes in a document. In addition, even the application's appearance can be customized for different security levels.

Graphical Object Insertion - this is another Improv feature, which allows for a picture, logo, chart, map, and so on to be inserted either dynamically, in the case of a data driven document, or manually from the Digital Asset Management system.

Smart Objects - this is a breakthrough for managing corporate identity, or reducing risk associated with the use of specific elements in document composition. Basically, rules associated with the use of artwork, such as a logo, or brand image, can be saved with the art making it a "Smart Object". These rules are automatically incorporated into a document when the Smart Object is used.

QuickText - this feature, implemented in Improv, allows for text, and associated metadata, such as a price list, to be associated with a digital asset, such as a picture. When the picture is used in composition, the related information is immediately available to the document, eliminating re-typing, improving consistency, and facilitating very rapid document versioning.